Musitiquity combines Lisa’s passions for music and history with a project she began in 2012.  Sometimes solo and at other times with a small group of musicians or singers, Lisa performs period music in authentic replica period clothing in order to bring both history and music to life.

The catalyst for this was the purchase of an 1812 Clementi square piano, lovingly restored by David Hackett, founder of the website Friends of Square Pianos.  This beautiful instrument deserved to be played and so Lisa researched domestic music making of the Regency era and had privileged access to original collections of printed and hand written music belonging to Jane Austen and her female relations.  She now owns a fully restored Broadwood square from the 1820s which is sturdy enough to travel around the country with her, and which allows Lisa to perform a much larger range of 19th century music.

The experience gave a wonderful and unique insight into life of the period and so Lisa pursued the idea by exploring other eras which she has gone on to research in the same meticulous way.  With dress reproduced from patterns of extant garments, and with in-depth knowledge of the music she is able to create incredibly authentic performances designed to take the listener back in time.  She is now in demand to share the experience with the public and has been engaged by a wide variety of museums, historic houses and cultural trusts.

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