Lisa Timbs


Lisa is passionate about her role as an accompanist and with over 20 years’ experience she confidently provides reliable, intuitive support to her fellow musicians in order that they fulfil their potential, whether they are taking their very first music exam or performing professionally.  

She has had many successful partnerships with fellow musicians which have taken her around the country and abroad.  She specialises in vocal accompaniment and has been Principal Accompanist for numerous award winning choirs with performances taking her to such venues as St. John Smith’s Square, The Royal Festival Hall and The American Embassy in London.

A great pianist doesn’t necessarily make a great accompanist and in turn a poor accompanist can ruin the performance of even the very best soloist.  The role of collaborative pianists (as the role of accompanists is increasing becoming known) requires specialised skills: following somebody else’s pace, balancing sound level, developing a sixth sense for what the soloist is going to do before they even know themselves, whether it is spontaneous changes in expression or the accidental skipping of bars or entire pages! 

Lisa has a well established reputation as being ‘a safe pair of hands’ in this field, an adaptable musician of great empathy who is flexible and supportive. 

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